Gluten Free Doesn't Mean Taste Free

We love what we do

Grandpa’s Kitchen is a family owned and operated business that has learned to embrace Celiac Disease and enjoy living gluten-free. To understand what makes our products so amazing and why we feel so passionate about a gluten-free lifestyle, we want to share our story with you.

We Know Gluten Free. Because We Live It.

About Us

In 2000 our sister, Allyson, discovered she had Celiac Disease. She had just had her second child, an event that can trigger the symptoms of Celiac Disease, and for the next six months she suffered from lower intestinal problems. Some mornings she could barely walk because the pain was so intense. Her frustration and desperation grew with each doctor’s visit and what seemed like fewer and fewer answers. We’ve come to realize how lucky she was to finally find a doctor who recognized the signs of Celiac Disease, as many doctors at the time weren’t familiar with the disease.

Unfortunately, finding out she had Celiac Disease was easy compared to figuring out how to live with it. The doctor’s only advice was, “Don’t eat bread and pancakes.” Not satisfied with his advice, Allyson began doing her own research and quickly realized living gluten-free would be a significant lifestyle change.

The doctor also told her Celiac Disease was genetic, and at least one of her parents, 40% of her siblings, and 40% of her children would have it. After Allyson was diagnosed, our mother did some research and discovered Celiac Disease could cause osteoporosis and thyroid disease both of which she had been diagnosed with many years before. There was no doubt in her mind that she had Celiac Disease. Despite her doctor’s assurance that she did not; she kept insisting that she be tested. After the doctor reluctantly agreed, the tests came back positive.

Eventually the University of Utah learned our sister and mother had been tested for Celiac Disease; thinking our large family would be a great test group, they asked if we would be part of their medical study. Out of five sisters and three brothers tested, two sisters and one brother also tested positive. 

Like most people who are diagnosed with Celiac Disease, we tried many gluten-free products. Whether it was the taste, texture or consistency, something was always unsatisfactory, especially the breads. It was at this point that we started experimenting with recipes. After many failures we finally created a blend of flours that produced edible bread. The bread was delicious! It was soft, flavorful, and didn’t have the gritty, dry texture of other gluten-free breads. Finally we could have toast for breakfast or a sandwich for lunch.

We are confident that you will love each of our products because the recipes have passed the quality control of our family members, those with Celiac Disease and those without.